ARTING Project 2020

Special Prize for Biodomek

The Arting project is an industrial design competition

A distinction for Biodomek

*“The water you touch in the river is the remnant of the one that has passed and the beginning of the one that will come; so does the present. " This Leonardo da Vinci thought is that every action comes from the past and has an effect in the future. The Renaissance designer is aware of the illusion of time. Design, in the sense of shaping the future, can gain from remembering its heritage. The Arting 2020 project "Heritage" – is the next edition of the competition dealing with the topic of sustainable design and the first one to examine the relationship between heritage and contemporary design. According to the definition, cultural heritage is: "the stock of tangible and intangible things together with the related spiritual values, historical and social phenomena, considered worthy of legal protection". Heritage is the projects of ancestors, their creative achievements, worth remembering and inspiring. There is thinking about durability, economy, the use of natural materials, about living in harmony with the environment. About all the things that need to be rethought especially today. * Contest results: HERE

More about the project: HERE


The Arting 2020 project "Dziedzictwo" consisted of three stages. The first is expert analyzes that assisted participants in selecting project topics. The second stage is the announcement of a sustainable design competition in three categories: heritage, environment, technology. The third stage consists of two exhibitions, one of which presents the results of the competition and the other, the results of expert research entitled "design heritage". Their opening was to be accompanied by a conference, later replaced by film material due to the epidemic. Regardless of the difficulties, we enjoy a growing understanding of sustainable design issues among designers and customers. This gives hope for the durability of a better vision for the future. The Arting 2020 project "Heritage" is a competition and, at the same time, a research and educational project aimed at building awareness of the region's design tradition to enrich contemporary design thinking. The project was organized in cooperation with the City of Bielsko-Biała and the Euroregion Beskidy as part of the interreg program – "Protection and development of the natural and cultural heritage of the borderland". Design Heritage is the title of an exhibition and conference summarizing the results of expert research. It enables comparisons of historical and contemporary projects because it accompanies the exhibition of works sent to the competition. Expert research

The first stage is expert research, which was used to select examples of design significant for culture and worth disseminating from the history of the region. Eight topics were selected: mythology, highlander products, Bielsko wool, Thonet-Mundus furniture, Žilina wire making, ceramics, cars, SZD gliders. These few were limited by necessity, although many interesting threads appeared during the research, worth recalling. Introductory information in the form of a brochure served as an inspiration for the contestants. Some of the issues were discussed in more detail by experts in articles in the magazine and video recordings on the competition website.

Exhibition and conference The exhibition and conference "Design heritage", planned at the Castle of the Historical Museum in Bielsko-Biała, had to be converted into an online form.