House with Climate 2022- Award of the Ministry of Climate and Environment, SARP – Stara Obora

Category Single-family house – Stara Obora project

is a competition of the Ministry of Climate and Environment and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Climate in cooperation with SARP

Name of the investment: DOM STARA OBORA, i.e. recycling on a larger scale
Designer: EKODAMA STUDIO Sp. z o. o.

Award for using an existing building and retrofitting with natural, renewable and environmentally neutral construction and finishing materials. HOUSE STARA OBORA, i.e. recycling on a larger scale, is a building that is an example of renovating a dilapidated, old cowshed in an ecological, natural way. By redeveloping and adapting the existing building to a new function, using renewable local building materials and reusing the used finishing elements, the facility implemented the principles of a closed-circuit economy and minimized its carbon footprint. Considering traditional construction techniques, straw was used to insulate the building, clay plasters were used, and the floors were made as a threshing floor. Thanks to the preservation of the traditional shape, the building fits in with the character of the suburban landscape. The implementation proves that designing a facility that meets modern needs is possible with the use of technology with a very low carbon footprint. The technologies and materials used allowed for achieving better than currently required heat transfer coefficients of external partitions. Particular attention was focused on achieving high airtightness of the building, e.g. through the use of windproof sealing tapes. These measures allowed for a significant reduction in the amount of energy needed for heating. The building's heat demand is covered mostly by convection electric heaters powered by a PV installation, which helps to avoid local emissions of pollutants. The larger part of the plot is a biologically active area, developed with the use of local species. In order to retain rainwater for watering the garden, there is a tank into which water from the roof of the building is drained.

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