House with Climate 2022 – Distinction – Award of the Ministry of Climate and Environment, SARP – Biodomek

Category Single-family house – BIODOMEK project
HOUSE WITH CLIMATE – THE BEST REALIZED PROJECT OF AN ECOLOGICAL BUILDING is a competition of the Ministry of Climate and Environment and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Climate in cooperation with SARP
Name of the investment: BIODOMEK – A natural, mobile, modular year-round house
Designer: EKODAMA STUDIO Sp. z o. o.

Distinction for mobility and flexibility as well as the use of solutions that reduce the carbon footprint of the facility. The building was made of a prefabricated modular structure, thanks to which it is possible to move it to another location, and solutions allowing for its expansion were applied. This flexibility and mobility creates the potential for a longer use of the building. Thanks to the use of screw foundations, the building's interference with the existing land development has been limited. The building uses standards of thermal insulation of partitions as for a passive building, which, together with the use of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, significantly reduced the demand for energy for heating. In order to avoid local emissions of pollutants and due to low heating needs, electric heating powered by a photovoltaic installation located in the vicinity of the building was used.

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