Summer School of Natural Design – In Polish only

12‑16 August 2020
Summer school of natural design – INTENSIVE COURSE

We teach in a spirit of non-violent communication NVC. We invite you already the fourth season.

Who is our course for? For investors, designers, students, builders, anyone who wants to create a natural place, home, habitat in connection with a permaculture surrounding.

About program:

We will discuss the stages of the design and construction process. We will show you which plot to choose and how to carry out analyzes. We will show what to look for in home design as well eco-villages and eco-housing estates. We will discuss the principles of permaculture in connection with architecture and design of the environment, small retention and natural construction. We will discuss technologies and natural details (strawbale, hempcrete, light clay) and elements of natural interiors. We will tell you how to plan an investment, how to design with a cost estimate so that it is all real (construction costs, how decisions affect costs). We will also discuss the most common errors in implementation and on construction sites as well as relevant details. We will also show you how to complete the formalities regarding the building permit. So very concretely and comprehensively!

The program also includes a trip to Biodomek (natural home), several design workshops (home design, eco-housing, small retention, analysis), watching films in topic, evening jam sessions and bonfires with fun. We always have a beautiful atmosphere. Surroundings of the mountains and beautiful views as well as nice company – soothe and positively mood.

  • Four days of lectures and workshops
  • Beautiful and valuable knowledge
  • Unique atmosphere – The program includes integration, trip, watching movies, bonfires
  • Beautiful surroundings of the Bystrzyckie Mountains
  • Teaching in a spirit of non-violent communication
  • PROMOTIONAL price until June 22 for the whole – PLN 1100 / person, non-returnable advance payment PLN 350 payable upon registration.
  • NORMAL price – PLN 1250, advance payment PLN 400 payable upon registration, non-returnable after July 12.

The remainder of the payment – until July 31.

The price includes: course, accommodation (four nights) in your own tent with access to the bathroom and shower, three two-course vegetarian dinners (delicious!). Dinners and breakfast on our own (we provide access to the kitchen or the option of buying ready meals in agritourism).

  • Overnight in a public fireplace room (it is not raining, warm – your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad, there are mattresses) – additional payment for the entire course PLN 40 (you can pay extra on the spot)
  • Overnight in a double room for 4 people with bathroom and bedding (very nice rooms) – extra payment for the entire course PLN 140


Fill out the registration form: HERE

The number of places is limited.


Agroturystyka Malinova – Gniewoszów 11, next to Międzylesie (magical Kłodzko Valley), voivodeship Lower Silesia. Why here Because it is a beautiful area of the Bystrzyckie Mountains.

At our disposal will be the entire resort with a garden, hammocks with a view of the mountains and a fireplace room (there will be lectures). You can get to the place from Wrocław by a direct train to Domaszków (hence a beautiful walk on foot 1.5 hours or someone will take you by car, we will organize joint commutes, last year half of the people came by cars).

Direct link to agritourism where the course will be, see how nice it is: GNIEWOSZÓW 11


Enrollment lasts until 30 June. July 2 settlement. Volunteer applications HERE

  • Partial volunteering – The course provides space for two partial volunteers. Volunteers help in such activities as: lighting a bonfire, cleaning the room after meals, preparing the room for meals and issuing food, embracing and preparing the lecture room, other small work besides lectures. Partial volunteers cover the costs of accommodation, meals and other fixed costs, i.e. PLN 400.
  • Full volunteering – you pay nothing for :). Your commitments – shoot and edit a nice video from the course, mini reportage, final and initial subtitles to be agreed, video for one correction eKodamki. Duration of the assembled material. Approx. 15 minutes and a 1-minute teaser.


You can combine a stay with a family trip.

  • Fee per night for an accompanying person in a tent – PLN 15 / day (children under 3 years free).
  • Fee per night for an accompanying person in a room with a bathroom – 50 PLN / day (if children occupy the bed as an adult, if they sleep with their parents in bed – free of charge).

For an accompanying person in the room we pay in advance together with the total payment, 30% advance payment (non-returnable fee). You can pay for an accompanying person in the tent during the course, without advance payment. Just the number of places in the rooms is limited and we do not want to take places for people who will not come later.

  • Meals: 35 PLN lunch, 20 PLN breakfast, 20 PLN dinner. Children up to 10 years old: PLN 15, PLN 8, PLN 8, older as adults


All matters related to the course: Write to eKodamki;) Magda: MAIL


During the course we will use masks and observe

You're welcome!

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