Natural design course 2019

2‑5 May 2019, 22‑25 August 2019

Already for the third season, we cordially invite you to the spring and summer course of natural design. The course is dedicated to Investors, Designers, Students and anyone who wants to learn how to create natural, healthy places. It is recommended to pass the three parts of the course, but it is not required, you can take part in any that interests you :). THE COURSE IS ONLY IN POLISH.

  • Part one (May 2‑5, 2019) The course is an introduction to the world of natural design, investment preparation and analysis. We outline a wide context of issues and factors to be taken into account. We focus on the context and relationship with the environment. We will also design eco-habitat. Before you go further it is the necessary knowledge to recognize the possibilities, the elements that should be included in the whole, technologies and acquire basic skills of analysis and sketching ideas. This will allow you to make informed decisions in further stages.
  • Part two (22‑25 August 2019) The course focuses on practical project issues. We will touch issues related to the village and the city and the assumptions of living together. We will show you how to design a natural house, eco-village and an ecological estate in the city. We will show how to design with a cost estimate (construction costs, how decisions affect costs), we will also discuss the most common mistakes in implementation and construction sites.
  • Part three (in 2020) The course focuses on issues of self-sufficiency from the resource point of view (compost, water, energy, food, legal issues). We will design an autonomous house. In this context, we will also discuss the most common questions from investors to the designer.

  • Magdalena Górska – eKodama :), experienced designer of sustainable architecture, crazy tree planter :) assuming where the forest gardens will be. He has been working with permaculture for seven years. A long-time member of the OSBN – the National Natural Building Association, in the years 2014‑2016 vice president of the OSBN. The author of the award-winning mobile system of BioDomek – eco residential modules ( More about Magda and her activities: HERE

  • Tomasz Mielczyński – authorized architect, designing and implementing energy-saving and ecological residential buildings. Laureate of many architectural competitions, author of award-winning projects. In the area of his special interests, there are solutions leading to savings of Primary Energy in the whole life cycle of the building, and design for circulation – energy and matter around the building. More about Tomek and his activities: HERE

  • Ben Lazar – Permaculture teacher, designer of gardens and parks. He traveled the world and in various places he learned and practiced permaculture. He lectures on permaculture: from the history of ideas, ethical principles and ecosystem design – in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow – he travels around the country as an "apostle" of a healthy worldview :-) In practice, I realize the KOS social garden in Krzemionki, which becomes a model permacultural project for the city . More about Ben and his activities: HERE

  • Course I: PLN 590, Sign up HERE
  • Course II: PLN 690, Sign up HERE

The price includes: course, accommodation (three nights) in your own tent with access to bathroom and shower, three, two-course vegetarian dinners (delicious!). Breakfast and supper on your own (there will be a small fridge, table and boiling water for people who will have their breakfasts and suppers, there will be no stoves, muesli, sandwiches, salads are an option). For those willing, it is possible to buy breakfast and supper at the price of PLN 15 / meal. This year we are doing this to allow access to the course for people for whom the price matters :).

The confirmation of the entry is an advance payment of PLN 300. (advance payment is non-refundable 21 days before the course, until then it is fully refundable with resignation). We will ask for payment by e-mail after checking the form in the form.


For those who are in a more difficult financial situation, we predicted a 50% discount for small volunteering. On the course there is a place for two such persons. Volunteers help in such works as: lighting a campfire, cleaning the room after meals, preparing a room for meals and issuing food, preparing and arranging a lecture hall, other minor works besides lectures. Applications for volunteering:

  • Course I – HERE (until the end of March)
  • Course II – HERE (until the end of July)


You can combine your stay with a family trip. We do not guarantee catering for accompanying persons (if there will be up to 20 people on the course, it will be possible). The fee for a night for an accompanying person in a tent – 15 PLN / day (children under 3 years free). The fee for a night for an accompanying person in a room with a bathroom – 40 PLN / day (if the children occupy the bed, it is like an adult, if they sleep with the parent in bed – free of charge). As an accompanying person in the room, we pay in advance together with a down payment (non-refundable fee). You can pay for the accompanying person in the tent during the course (you can decide at the last minute). For couples who take care of their children, there is an exchange option;) on the course.


Gniewoszów, next to Międzylesie (magical Kłodzko Basin), province Lower Silesia. Why here? Because it is a beautiful area of the Bystrzyckie Mountains in Poland. Connect with vacation :). Link to agritourism where there will be a course: HERE. At our disposal will be a fireplace room. You can get from Wroclaw by train to Domaszkowa (hence a beautiful walk 1‑1,5h or someone will take you by car, we will organize common commuting, last year half of the people came by car).


All matters related to the course: Write to eKodama ;) – Magda –

See you! :)