PLGBC Green Building AWARD 2021 – Thermomodernization – Prize and Honorable mention

Main prize in the BEST ECOLOGICAL MODERNIZATION category, distinction in the category of single-family buildings
PLGBC Green Building AWARD 2021

Main prize in the category BEST ECOLOGICAL MODERNIZATION, honorable mention in the category BEST ECOLOGICAL SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL BUILDING for the project – STARA COWN

Designer and Investor: Magdalena Górska, eKodama Architektura

This project captures with sincerity and simplicity, transforming an old, dilapidated building into a climatic house with an orderly, characteristic shape for the region, which fits softly into the surrounding landscape. The modernization carried out under the supervision of a monument conservator, using natural materials, is a perfect example of how this type of reconstruction should be carried out. With respect and humility. There's nothing spectacular about it. It does not burst with new technologies or innovative ideas. Its greatest value is the fact that due to the use of local, low-processed materials and traditional techniques, it remains in harmony with nature, emanating the idea of permaculture – and this is its educational and social function. Thus, we want to encourage architects and investors to treat this type of implementation as full-fledged projects that they have the right to be proud of, because in today's world we need as much of them as possible to minimize the carbon footprint created by the construction industry.

Tomasz Pagowski IMATHOME, Honorary Member of the Jury

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In the era of climate change directly affecting us, architects and investors must look for other spatial means to ensure basic human needs. The direction set by the whole world is both the densification of existing structures and the modernization of existing facilities. The distinction was awarded for the implementation of the idea of post-growth in architecture. The degraded space, which was the barn building with its surroundings, was skilfully given a completely new meaning through revitalization and changing its function. The great advantage of the project is the use of local and natural building materials such as straw, cellulose, lime or gypsum plasters. Such action is an example of sustainable and conscious thinking about both man and the entire ecosystem. The facility increases the value and attractiveness of the area. It is worth noting that it is part of the entire spatial arrangement, where educational workshops on ecological design are held. Thanks to such actions, the cowshed building is not only a good example of architecture itself, but also a center of activity worthy of imitation, which becomes the nucleus for activities for the local community.

Ewelina Jaskulska Artectonica, Honorary Member of the Jury