PLGBC Building Award 2020

First Prize

PLGBC Building Award 2020

  • The depletion of our planet's natural resources and the approach to the limits of the earth's system makes us more careful in the use of raw materials and building materials. Circular resource management means keeping existing buildings, interior furnishings and everyday items in the best possible condition, bringing them back to life and highlighting their inherent beauty and timeless value. For the implementation of these assumptions, the jury awarded Interiors in an old cowshed by Ekodama Studio. The jury appreciated the use of the existing brick barn building, emphasizing the beauty of old bricks and wooden elements, as well as the use of natural finishing techniques in the form of clay plasters, natural lime paints and threshing floors. And although there are no spectacular and expensive solutions here, the interior delights with the variability of textures and natural colors caused by the sun's rays and promises a moment of respite from the rush of the world and the hustle and bustle of everyday life*.

Justyna Biernacka SARP Warsaw, #ArchitekciDlaKlimatu

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