Architecture BUDMA Award 2019

Finalist, Big Five, Exhibition
Finalist, Big Five: Organic farm with yoga in the Kłodzko Valley

The main goal of the Architecture BUDMA Award competition is to distinguish objects, buildings, public spaces, objects or projects that stand out in terms of aesthetics, quality of workmanship and their functionality. The competition is organized in cooperation with one of the largest Polish architecture magazines: Architektura Murator and BUDMA Construction Fairs.

More about the project: HERE

About the project:

This is an example of sustainable natural construction, perfectly inscribed in the context. The design task was to design an organic farm with a yoga studio, assuming that the complex will partly function as open to tourists. The investment plot is located on the slope of the Bystrzyckie Mountains in the Kłodzko Valley, where there are quite significant winds but also a beautiful viewing opening. The building was designed according to the principles of permaculture (natural design strategy) shielding its form from winds and exposing to the views. The first part of the investment, received in 2018, was built using modern natural technology, prefabricated straw-wood panels (both walls and roof). In the house and on the facade, all other natural materials were used – natural plasters (clay, lime as a finish), unfired brick, larch boards, slate obtained from the plot. Regarding the installation, the house is heated by a modern wood-burning stove (biomass), rainwater recovery, biological treatment plant and composter are also designed. The whole is a striking natural and balanced assumption, inscribed in the context and respecting nature.

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