Biodomek 4C – 70m2 – Natural, Ecological Modular House without Permit

Modular wooden house, ecological modular homes
Biodomek 4C – Ecological Modular House 70m2

Here is one of our realizations, in a natural, modular technology – BIODOMEK. It's an exceptionally smart and fast way of eco-friendly building because the house arrives in the form of ready-made modules to the plot in a developer's condition and is assembled in 2‑3 days. This provides great relief to investors and minimizes the stressful process of construction. Additionally, BIODOMEK modules are warm, energy-efficient, and healthy because they are made of natural, ecological materials. This Biodomek is undoubtedly a luxurious home with plenty of glazing and modern design, making the interior bright, modern, and cozy. The building itself resembles a modern barn with small eaves, and the facade is finished with natural board, adding charm, coziness, and a sense of nature to the house.

This modular house with a building area of 70m2 can be constructed with a simplified notification under the "Polski Ład" program. The usable area of this house is approximately 77m2, which is truly sufficient space for a 2+2 or 2+1 family. The house is comfortable and spacious despite its modest size because it is well-designed with minimized circulation space. It offers pleasant features, such as the open ceiling above the living room, or the possibility of installing a wood-burning stove. Though it may be a small house, it has three bedrooms, two wardrobes, two bathrooms (or an office instead of one bathroom), and openspace that includes a living room, kitchen, and diningroom.


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  • type: year-round house
  • construction technology: modular, wooden frame + insulation (straw or rock wool)
  • standard: passive (highly energy-efficient)
  • building area: 70 m2
  • usable area: 77 m2
  • number of rooms with a living room: 5 or 6
  • number of bathrooms: 2
  • number of floors: 2 (ground floor + usable attic)
  • roof slope angle: 45 degrees
  • width: 6.44m
  • length: 10.72m
  • ridge height: 6.89m
  • facade finish – board
  • minimum distance from the property boundary: 6m
  • minimum plot size: 18.44 x 22.72m

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More about the technology:

Biodomeks are offered in two ecological technologies: EKO and SEMIEKO. In both technologies, the main structure of the houses is certified C24 wood. The wall insulation consists of super acoustic and thermal insulation made from cellulose straw in the ECO technology (a warm, natural material, straw bales that are easily biodegradable), or high-quality rock wool in the SEMI-ECO technology. External wall finishing is done with natural board siding painted in any color with non-toxic water-based or oil paints.

Inside, the finishing consists of ecological Farmacell board (in the ECO technology) or GK (in the SEMI-ECO technology). The houses are sealed with insulation tapes designed for wooden construction and membranes (in the SEMI-ECO technology) or windproof panels made of straw fibers (in the ECO technology). Thanks to this, these buildings are breathable (natural), moisture-free, warm, cost-effective to maintain, and durable (such a house will not crack, fall apart, or have drafts from the windows). The technology places a strong emphasis on proper sealing and the construction of partitions so that the partition is diffusion-open, breathes, but without drying out the interior. As a result, such a house will be much warmer and more comfortable to live in than a brick house covered with non-breathable polystyrene.

How much does the 70m2 Biodomek 4C modular house cost?

You can view the price list for houses here, click on the link, find – Biodomek 4C -->>>

You can read more about Biodomeks here:



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