Picnic on the occasion of the bio house construction, promoting the idea of natural buildings

21‑22 AUGUST 2016

We built a prototype of the first Biodomek, a mobile modular cottage made of natural materials. Time to celebrate. We met at the BioDomk opening. We were able to enjoy the beautiful Bystrzyckie Mountains (Lower Silesian), overlooking the mountains and the sky. And all in an atmosphere of joyful picnic :) in the theme of natural architecture. The event was designed to promote the idea of natural buildings.

60 participants
4 lecturers

In the program we did:
• Visiting BioHouse with contractors, designers
• Demonstration of natural materials manufacturers (all day)
• Ability to smear the clay;) and natural paints
•PICNIC! :) Dinner with Swedish table
• Campfire and music

More about BioHouse: www.biodomek.pl
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