Introduction to natural design – Course / mini workshop

18‑20 August , 2017

Yes we can! eKodama organized the first course of natural design in Poland and it was great. It was my dream to share the knowledge to go further. The participants' enthusiasm was inspiring. I realized how important it is for the participants to feel that there are more of us, people interested in the topics of natural buildings and design. There were three teachers in the course, eKodama-me, Ben Lazar from and Tomek Mielczyński from

FB Event:

30 participants, 3 volunteers, 3 trainers.

Program: • Lecture 1: Introduction to natural design and why it is so important. Thinking through whole in the design process (2h, Magda). • Lecture 2 – Permaculture. Design perma habitat and permaculture in the city. What are the possibilities and rules? (2h, Ben). • Lecture 3 – Where to start? What are the stages of the design process for balanced places? Performing analyzes. (2h, Magda) • Lecture 4 – Natural Building Technologies. Pros and cons. What to choose and what to pay attention. Natural elements in the interiors. (2h, Magda) • Lecture 5: Design for circulation and passive buildings in natural context. Installations. (2h, Tom) • Lecture 6 – Formalities. Building permit, reconciliation, construction process. How to embrace it and not lose. (Magda, 2h) • Activities in the field • Work on the ideas of the workshop workers and their projects – design consultations. Overview of BioDomek project as sustainable design. Site visit.