Festival Vibration 4.0 – eKodama lecture

03‑06 September 2020, Białobrzegi near Warsaw

I cordially invite you to the Vibration Festival 4.0 in 2020 and to my lecture during this festival.

Lecture title:

The use of permaculture in the design of healthy habitats, cities and architecture.

Lecture description:

The lecture will talk about how to use permaculture design strategies to design architecture (ecosystem design), to change the quality of space in cities and to think about creating human habitats in a more ecosystemic way. I will also discuss the topic of health and how buildings and created spaces affect us, and why it is so important to avoid chemistry and create it as naturally as possible. It will be about natural construction, like the response to climate change in the context of an informed consumer in the construction market.

See you at this beautiful event :). It will be wonderful!

Best regards, eKodamka

About the festival:

It is the largest festival in Poland about self-care, ecology, development, spirituality ... living in harmony with each other and the surrounding world. The Vibrations Festival is a 4-day event combining lectures, workshops, concerts – dances – bonfires, market part, veg food zone in a kind of MIXTURE :)

Vibrations are a community of several thousand – enthusiasts of life, characterized by a special level of awareness. Together, we celebrate a joyful time among the green trees, on the sunny beach of the Zegrze Reservoir.

Link to the festival's website (PHOTO source) : HERE

Film z festiwalu w roku 2019