Hideaway – DIY, Self-sufficient shelter from straw and wood or hempcrete

Meeting basic human needs

HIDEAWAY is a project of a small, simple, year-round cottage, built of natural materials. The hideaway is a response to providing basic human needs – shelter. In our climate without a roof over our head, we are not able to survive. However, not everyone can afford a big house or flat. Hideaway is an option for those who are able to work one or two seasons over their own place. With a small help of professionals and friends, you can build a house and live in it comfortably and healthily. The project was designed in such way that the building surface does not exceed 35m2, which makes it possible to build as a recreational or economic house without additional formalities. The possibility of two bedrooms in the attic will provide what is necessary for a couple or a young family.

Initially, the project was implemented as an experiment within the National Natural Building Association. With this assumption, a prototype was also built in the construction of a strawbale loadbearing (erected by Ryszard Biliński from tynkinaturalne.pl in 2105). In time, the project evolved to offer its good quality and details. In this process, we decided to replace the structure with a double branch wood filled with natural insulation material. This gives more options for finishing the façade (plaster, plank), construction filling (straw, light clay, hempcrete) and interior finishing (natural plaster, plank, sub-construction for furniture).

PROJECT AVAILABLE AS TYPICAL FOR INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE – DIY. THE DRAWINGS PACKAGE CONTAINS: Architectural design in two options, Construction design in two options, Installations.

CONSTRUCTION: Wooden, filling with straw, light clay or hempcrete (all options meet current regulations regarding thermal insulation of walls). FOUNDATIONS: The basic version includes the option of foundations from tires, recycling, in the “basement version”, reinforced concrete foundations. HEATING and hot water: Distribution of heat from a low-emission biomass fireplace – wood, assisted by electric heating as an emergency option, allowing you to leave the house for a longer period of time (in the autonomous version powered by batteries). COMPOST TOILET (without using water, covered with sawdust, odorless) with a composter in a cellar, it ensures the circulation of matter. It is also recommended to collect rainwater. ELECTRIC ENERGY – in the autonomous option, the current obtained from photovoltaic cells. The batteries in the cellar.

PROJECT PRICE (architectural design, construction design with specifications and details, installation project including autonomous, two throwing options) – 900 EURO gross. More information at: ekodama.architektura@gmail.com.

First Concept
Basic Plans
Self-sufficient option

compost toilet, photovoltaic panels

First Concept